Brennon Spangler

Professional Summary

I am a IT professional recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems at the University of Utah. I am also working as a Tier 2 Help Desk Technician for the Utah Jazz.I have always had an interest in computers and am currently testing multiple areas of interest. I currently have certifications for Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, CIW Site Development, CIW Business, and Microsoft HTML5. I look forward to the opportunity to expand my career and knowledge in the near future.

Personal Learning

I have spent many hours learning and experimenting with Linux servers. This has led me to be able to set up and configure many cool things on my personal server. Through trial and error I have been able to setup a linux server, create a SSH connection, set it up for RDP access from my windows laptop, and create a file server that can be accessed through UNC. I have also set up multiple VM's(Virtual Machines) both Ubuntu and Windows using Oracle Virtual Box.

I also setup and configured the server that is hosting this website through Google Cloud Platform. Through research and experimentation i learned how to correctly configure the Domain Name System (DNS) to point to my website.

Other information

In my free time I love to play video games, go to Utah Jazz games, play basketball, and racquetball.